“I feel so blessed by the care and concern you have shown me for so many years. Even when my choices seemed odd to you, you supported me. I wonder how many people have known such a truly loving, caring and generous person who was their accountant.”

– Flo Feldman, personal and corporate client since 2005

“Thank you for your help with the IRS.”

– Flora Burns, personal and corporate client since 2013

“I have known Ms. Kathy Boucher now for over 20 years. The main capacity that I have known her in is as the accountant for my company. In 2013, I agreed to let Ms. Boucher and her knowledgeable, friendly staff oversee my daily operations. Within three months, I saw a difference in the cash flow of my business. I feel comfort in knowing that any company report that her office runs for me is current, consistent, and accurate. I could not be happier knowing that I can work in the field, worry free, about my company’s office operations. Due to their efforts, my company is now well in the profit.”

– Fred Lee, owner of Fred Lee’s Elite Seats

“Thank you for your kindness to many and your generosity to me.”

– Dionne Mailhes, personal client since 2013

“Kathy is a great accountant if you need help with your taxes.”

– Langley Holland, personal and corporate client since 2007